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Analysis of the University Educational System - Alexandra Palade (Zamfirache)

Analysis of the University Educational System - Alexandra Palade (Zamfirache)
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ISBN: 9786062812508
Anul publicării: 2021
Pagini: 124
Categoria: Stiinte
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The book generically called The Analysis of the University Educational System is structured in four chapters, the first being theoretical aspects of educational marketing and consumer behavior. In this part of the book are described and defined defining aspects of educational marketing, the quality of educational services, defining aspects of the behavior of the consumer of educational services. The stages of the acquisition of educational services are described and the client of the higher educational products and services is defined. Briefly, aspects of the application of the marketing mix in the field of educational services are presented.
Chapter 3 describes the university education market. Statistical data of the size of the educational market at international level are analyzed, in order to draw up a clear picture at the level of the European space, in order to then describe as widely as possible the main characteristics of the educational market at national level.
Chapter 4 presents the results obtained in two market researches, one of qualitative type and one of quantitative type.
Qualitative marketing research describes the consumer behavior of educational products and services offered by the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration within the Transilvania University of Brasov. This market study aims to identify the efficiency of sources and information possibilities of potential beneficiaries of university educational services.
Starting from the results of the qualitative research, the book continues with the presentation of a quantitative marketing research capable of measuring the meaning and intensity of previously identified opinions, perceptions and attitudes. The quantitative research carried out is an applied one, of descriptive type and aims at identifying the attitudes, opinions and behaviors of the students towards the university educational services.
The paper concludes by drawing the general conclusions that emerged from the previous chapters but also from the results obtained in the research.


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