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Curs limba engleza iWonder 4 Manualul Profesorului cu postere - Jenny Dooley, Bob Obee

Curs limba engleza iWonder 4 Manualul Profesorului cu postere - Jenny Dooley, Bob Obee
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Expediere estimată: Miercuri, 4 Noi. 2020
ISBN: 9781471570544
Anul publicării: 2018
Categoria: Carte straina
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i Wonder is a six-level series that teaches English alongside other school subjects and brings all the wonderful elements of the real world into the language classroom. The course has been designed to fully engage and motivate young learners and to ensure that they develop a love of learning that is never-ending!

Key Features

  • Cross-curricular Language Learning extending and enriching the pupils' language experience
  • Dialogues with engaging characters that are stimulating and enjoyable
  • Integration of all four language skills
  • Focus on 21st Century Skills (critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity)
  • Catchy songs making learning fun and memorable
  • Functional speaking activities providing meaningful language in everyday sistuations
  • Development of Social and Emotional Skills (role play, craftwork, games, songs, stories and values)
  • Circle-time activities providing low stress yet highly effective learning opportunities
  • Craftwork sections that boost leaners' creativity
  • Cross-curricular projects that help learners reflect on and consolidate what they have learnt in a creative way
  • Activities that enable pupils to develop their public speaking skills (Show and Tell)
  • Wonder Tales sections with stories from around the world that educate and teach values
  • A World of Wonder sections that embrace diversiry and cultivate young people's natural curiosity
  • Winning combination of print and digital resources
  • Plenty of extra resources including authentic documentary-style videos and video animations, CD-ROM, ieBook, IWB and a unique Digi Platform



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