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Entrepreneurship in Agri-Food and Environmental Systems - Carmen Valentina Radulescu

Entrepreneurship in Agri-Food and Environmental Systems - Carmen Valentina Radulescu
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ISBN: 9786062812539
Anul publicării: 2021
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Sustainable development has gained an almost unanimous acceptability for guiding social progress, although it involves large-scale, interdependent and very varied changes, correlated with the contrasting states of the nations of the world. From the epistemological point of view, the societal challenges of sustainable development have as common denominator the multidisciplinary problematization oriented by the urgent need to change tendencies whose convergence means improper configurations for social progress, imposing the need to reformulate the analysis models so that they allow the integrated approach. and phenomena, including through the use of scientific interpretations from different fields of knowledge. The boundaries of knowledge are permeable, and the prevalence of the economic dimension in modeling the material and energy flows of the global ecosystem is reflected in the integration of economic interpretation in accordance with its high potential for influence.
The integration of sustainability in business is a personal and constant concern that began with the elaboration of the doctoral thesis. At that time, the research focused on agricultural holdings, but the need to cross sectoral boundaries became increasingly clear, as other activities and, in general, business administration in relation to sustainable development were investigated. In order to continue the involvement in the development of knowledge in this direction, it was considered necessary to carry out a study (concretized in this book) to organize the impressive volume of information on this topic in order to clarify the relationship between entrepreneurship, business strategies, sustainability and innovation.
This course systematizes information on the implications of sustainable development for entrepreneurship and business administration, demonstrates and exemplifies how sustainability, as a result of innovation, can become a source of competitive advantage for entrepreneurs. In this context, we paid special attention to sustainable innovation, which investigated the conditions for its activation by analyzing and evaluating elements of innovation management.


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