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Hollywood Vampire - Keith Topping

Hollywood Vampire - Keith Topping
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ISBN: 9780753506011
Anul publicării: 2001
Pagini: 280
Format: 105x175
Categoria: Carte straina
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Angel is a vampire with a soul - until he achieves a moment of 'perfect happiness' with his girlfriend, Buffy Summers, and turns bad again. He manages to regain his soul but the price he has to pay is to leave Sunnydale and Buffy behind. Moving to LA, Angel makes it his mission to kick evil butt (mainly demonic in nature). He's joined by Cordelia - from the original show - and new colleagues Doyle, Wesley and Kate. Now fully revised and updated to include Season Two, Hollywood Vampire is an indispensable and comprehensive episode-by-episode guide to Angel's world, including catergories such as Dreaming (As Buffy Often Proves) Is Free; The Charisma Show; Dudes and Babes and Sex And Drugs And Rock 'n' Roll. It also contains discussion of the links and cross-references between Angel and Buffy - the author has the added expertise of having written Virgin's critically acclaimed, bestselling guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer - and essays on recurrent themes and coverage of the Angel novels and comics, as well as Angel on the Internet. A unique and essential fan bible.


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