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Pingpong Neu 3 Lehrbuch. Manual de limba germana pentru clasa a VII-a - Manuela Georgiakaki, Gabriela Kopp

Pingpong Neu 3 Lehrbuch. Manual de limba germana pentru clasa a VII-a - Manuela Georgiakaki, Gabriela Kopp
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ISBN: 9783190016563
Anul publicării: 2011
Pagini: 136
Format: 21 x 28 cm
Categoria: Manuale scolare
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Ping-pong new  addresses the demands that modern language teaching places on a textbook for young people.
An authentic everyday language is conveyed on the basis of youth-related topics and situations.
The dialogues and situations are designed in such a way that the learners can communicate with each other from the very first lesson. Active learning keeps people interested in the new language and its environment. Group work, games and songs provide variety and stimulation of different learning impulses.

The learning material is offered in short, manageable units that are self-contained. At the end of each unit there is an amusing text with reading comprehension exercises. This is followed by a summary of the grammar structures and the active vocabulary. (In this way, the learner is aware of what he has already learned in small steps.)

Learning tips lead to self-directed learning right from the start. They give students the opportunity to discover how they can make their individual learning process more effective. This is a step towards self-directed learning.
In the  workbook  tests are offered by which the learner can control themselves. The  teacher's manual also  offers templates for further tests.


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