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Romania's Tourist Heritage - Melinda Candea, Elena Bogan, Tamara Simon

Romania's Tourist Heritage - Melinda Candea, Elena Bogan, Tamara Simon
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ISBN: 9786062812423
Anul publicării: 2021
Pagini: 386
Categoria: Stiinte
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The current university course "Romania's tourist heritage" is not only a simple teaching material dedicated to students, but also a synthesis of everything that our country has more representative in order to be capitalized balanced and sustainable in terms of tourism. The experience through organized tourism in our country, of about two centuries, can always be enriched as a tourist offer.
The expansion of the phenomenon of economic, cultural and social globalization, of rapid movement in any part of the globe, must determine in time and space a greater understanding and action for preserving the entire tourist heritage as a support of national, regional and local identity, with diminishing conditions of irreversible degradation and destruction, beyond the multiple economic interests of the moment. In reality, for any visitor or tourist, the knowledge in time and space of the entire national tourist heritage does not last for a lifetime, although many are oriented towards exotic places, because we do not know or do not want to capitalize on these goods and values. exceptional.
The authors, passionate geographers with specialization in the field of tourism, tried to offer the most current image of everything that means the tourist heritage of the country, corroborated with a brief assessment of the degree of tourism development but also of environmental issues and new orientations in the development of this hospitality industry, facing an increasingly fierce competition at European and world level. The approach was based on conceptual, historical, geographical and cultural, economic data, specific to the tourist field, environmental protection and heritage, all selected to demonstrate the special characteristics of Romania's tourist heritage.


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