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Student Perspectives in University Education Innovation - Florentina Nicolae, Sorin Rugina, Costel Coroban, Valentin Vanghelescu

Student Perspectives in University Education Innovation - Florentina Nicolae, Sorin Rugina, Costel Coroban, Valentin Vanghelescu
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ISBN: 9786062812362
Anul publicării: 2021
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This volume includes some of the papers presented at the National Conference Student Perspectives in University Education Innovation, organized by the "Ovidius" University of Constanta, between September 7-9, 2019, in partnership with other higher education institutions in the country: "December 1" University 1918 ”from Alba Iulia,“ Stefan cel Mare ”University from Suceava,“ Constantin Brancusi ”University from Targu-Jiu,“ Babes-Bolyai ”University from Cluj-Napoca,“ Dunarea de Jos ”University from Galati, University of Pitesti, with support of the General Anticorruption Directorate.
The national student conference is in its second edition, after that of the previous year, entitled Romania's Youth at the Centenary of the Great Union, which polarized student research related to the most important event of 2018 and which materialized in the volume of the same title, published by Ovidius University Press (Constanta, 2019).
The main purpose of the scientific event Student Perspectives in University Education Innovation was to mobilize as many students as possible, in order to develop a scientific network focused on innovation and the promotion of academic education, in relation to their needs. During the conference, an oral and poster scientific communication was held, as well as three thematic workshops. The topics addressed were limited to the thematic areas "Quality and integrity in the educational process" and "Development of the academic and local community": teacher-centered education and student-centered education; ethics and integrity in the academic environment / Romanian society; integrity - national value of Romanian culture; ethical culture in academia; new communication and information technologies and the education process; developing partnerships between academic institutions and public, private and non-governmental entities; developing practical skills and entrepreneurial skills in academic education; the student in the academic community - his representation in the management structures, the student organizations and their civic involvement.

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