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Treaty of clinical sexology - Vasile Nitescu

Treaty of clinical sexology - Vasile Nitescu
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ISBN: 9789732725740
Anul publicării: 2018
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The Treaty of clinical sexology volume by Prof Pr. Vasile Nilescu inevitably includes the biological processes of particular scientific and importance to the contemporaneous world, by providing fundamental data to understand the pathophysiology of the reproductive system as part of the intercourse. In a didactic manner, the author shows the complexity of the neuro-endocrine interrelations, their role in the normal and pathological function of genitalia in the interpersonal relationship after the sexualization of the human body. This explains how the animal intercourse, subject to a primary, basic and instinctual impulse becomes a complex neuro-psychic act, conscious and differentiated in humans.
The very clear presentation of the neuroanatomv data and its proper layout allows an easy understanding by any specialist of the links between the centre of analysis and of control (cerebral cortex) with the lower parts of the nervous system - through afferent and efferent nerve fibres, with the pituitary and the gonads, which also play an essential role in intercourse. - Dr. Leon Danaila

In this edition I tried to make a better classification of the male and female sexual dysfunctions, diagnosis and treatment thereof, the specific testes for each abnormality reported, their etiopathogenesis and others. It seemed natural to me that closer attention should be paid to patient-specific investigations as part of the clinical expression of sexual dysfunctions, and that a distinction be made between the genital and the extra-genital causes, since a simple clinical examination was obviously unable to detect the lesional etiopathogenetic substrate. - Vasile Nitescu


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