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World Wonders 3 Grammar Book - Michele Crawford

World Wonders 3 Grammar Book - Michele Crawford
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ISBN: 9781424078899
Anul publicării: 2010
Pagini: 128


World Wonders 3: Grammar Book


  • World Wonders Grammar is a four-level grammar course that has been designed to cover the needs of students at beginner to intermediate levels.
  • World Wonders 3 Grammar accompanies World Wonders 3 Student's Book, but it can also be used with any other beginner course.
  • Full-colour pages with lively illustrations and captivating National Geographic photography will motivate students.

Key features

  • A syllabus that matches the grammar progression in World Wonders 3 Student's Book.
  • An amusing cartoon presentation at the beginning of each lesson that introduces the grammar covered in the lesson.
  • Clear presentation of grammar theory with plenty of example sentences.
  • A wide variety of tasks that practise the grammar presented.
  • A speaking task at the end of every lesson that promotes communication.
  • A review after every two units that consolidates the grammar and ends with a Writing Project.
  • An alphabetical word list of key vocabulary found in each lesson of the grammar book.
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