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Dynamic interfaces of translation, pragmatics and intercultural communication - Titela Vilceanu

Dynamic interfaces of translation, pragmatics and intercultural communication - Titela Vilceanu
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ISBN: 9786061412822
Anul publicării: 2019
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As suggested by the title, Dynamic Interfaces of Translation,
pragmatics and intercultural communication is an open invitation to explore
the already chartered territory of Translation Studies from a substantial
assortment of perspectives and for different purposes.
The book is intended to systematically describe the complex
phenomena of translation and its changing nature, to highlight and even build
common standpoints and productive interfaces between Translation Studies,
as an inward and outward looking discipline, and other fields more or less
frequently associated with it: theoretical and applied linguistics, comparative
literature, stylistics, anthropology, cultural studies, cognitive psychology,
communication sciences, media studies, etc., all of them envisaged with their
various subdivisions, standing out individually or globally.
The book provides outlines and executive summaries of the main
inputs in Translation Studies, programmatic definitions, theoretical and
applied models, typologies, as well as conceptual and methodological
analyses at several levels: descriptive, functional, reflective, action-oriented,
showing both retrospective and prospective views against inter- and
multidisciplinary landscapes.


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