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Moriello’s Small Animal Dermatology, Fundamental Cases and Concepts. Self-Assessment Color Review - Darren Berger

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Livrare estimată: Marți, 16 Apr. 2024
ISBN: 9780815371540
Anul publicării: 2020
Ediția: 2
Pagini: 292


Karen Moriello's seminal book has been completely updated to create a true two-volume set highlighting fundamental and advanced concepts. This revised edition by Dr. Darren Berger, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at Iowa State University, includes all new cases on the essential concepts of small animal dermatology, accompanied by nearly 300 new images. The guide uses a case-based format to deliver a general overview of dermatology of the dog and cat, providing a reference that mirrors the way veterinarians will encounter different scenarios at random in real-life practice. It uses self-assessment problems to review the most common skin diseases encountered every day, plus some more obscure diseases that a veterinarian will face.

The cases vary in complexity, with coverage ranging from those confronted daily to the most difficult and serious cases. Answers fully explore the disease/disorder in question. The book will appeal to candidates preparing for examinations and to practitioners in their continuing education.  

Table of Contents

Broad classification of cases: Allergic cases. Alopecia. Autoimmune. Bacterial. Congenital and breed-related issues. Cytology. Diagnostic techniques. Endocrine. Fungal. Keratinization cases. Miscellaneous. Neoplasia. Nutrition cases. Otitis. Parasite cases. Pharmacology and therapeutics. Structure and function cases.


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