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Steamy Sex. The Sex Doctor's Guide to Keeping it Hot - Dr. Pam Spurr

Steamy Sex. The Sex Doctor's Guide to Keeping it Hot - Dr. Pam Spurr
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ISBN: 9781907532245
Anul publicării: 2010
Pagini: 204
Format: 13x20
Categoria: Carte straina
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Steamy Sex includes:
*Fantastic foreplay tips plus strategies to kick-start a flagging sex life.
*All the info you need about what effects and enhances your sexual desire and arousal.
*Lots of steamy strategies to help a woman be orgasmic.
*Packed with quirky and kinky techniques, to sensual and subtle ones.
*The very best, cherry-picked oral sex and fingertip foreplay techniques.
* Crucial advice for enjoying your sexual fantasies.
*A selection of sex positions guaranteed to give pleasure.
*Countless communication techniques to help you get what you want in the bedroom.
* Plus real, ‘do-able’ strategies to strengthen your relationship generally to improve sex specifically.
Steamy Sex has something for everyone whether part of a couple or single.
Dr Pam is a well-known media agony aunt, award-winning radio presenter, relationship, sex and behaviour expert, and life coach. Pam is the author of more than 11 self-help books and has appeared on countless programmes like Loose Women, LK Today, This Morning, and The Wright Stuff. Many summers she’s been a resident behaviour expert on Big Brother's Little Brother.


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