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Happy Campers 2. Student Book and Workbook. Clasa a 2-a - Angela Lianas

Happy Campers 2. Student Book and Workbook. Clasa a 2-a - Angela Lianas
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Livrare estimată: Vineri, 15 Dec. 2023
ISBN: 9786063327551
Anul publicării: 2018
Pagini: 120
Format: 205 x 260 mm


Dear students, 
This is all about you having fun, learning English with joy, in bright colours and friendly texts. Imagine exercises are computer games or characters of your favourite cartoons. This is not homework, it's leisure. 
Take every step with courage and in a good mood for adventure. It's not that complicated after all! Get together with your school friends and speak English like you are breaking a secret code, figuring out a new key of an escape room every day. Take each unit with a bit of curiosity and taste it like a lollipop. Nobody makes you learn, you enjoy every minute of it. 
ln this four-level course (grades 1-4) made up of a Student's book and a Skills book activities are scaffolded to enable you to succeed. As you successfully complete each activity, your confidence as English speakers grows and you all become happy campers. And remember, in the end, you are in for a big surprise: you can speak a wonderful language and cannot wait to find out more. Have fun! 

Dear teachers / parents, 
Here's an English course that looks less like work, more like a door to your own creativity. The playful spirit of this auxiliary material makes it highly attractive and effective for children. Although it is designed according to the new curriculum and it helps you follow up classwork, it also leaves room for your own imagination, adjusting contents to the specificity of each class. 
The Happy Campers course methodology is centred on front-loading language presentations and using musical imagery repetition to help students learn and, most importantly, remember new language. Vocabulary echoes, grammar cheers, pronunciation sound-outs, and songs are all part of this unique course. 
Beautifully organized, this four-level course (grades 1-4) made up of a Student's book and a Skills book offers activities that are scaffolded to enable students to succeed. As they successfully complete each activity, children's confidence as English speakers grows and they all become happy campers. So, we invite you to take this journey with the children and experience playing with English in a fun way! 
The authors 
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