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Self-Healing Stars in the Brain Through Mind Power - Niculina Gheorghita

Self-Healing Stars in the Brain Through Mind Power - Niculina Gheorghita
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ISBN: 9786061332021
Anul publicării: 2016
Pagini: 139
Categoria: Stiinte
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 • Chapter 1: Causes of Disease Emergence
 • Chapter 2: How We Maintain a Disease at the Subtle Level (Energetically and Informationally)
 • Chapter 3: The Physical Body is an X-Ray Machine of Our Mind
 • Chapter 4: Acknowledging and Discovering the Self-Healing Power
 • Chapter 5: Self-Healing Through the Power of Our Mind 
 • Chapter 6: Activating the Stream of Consciousness of Divine Love Necessary for Self-Healing  
 • Chapter 7: Methods and Ways of Self-Healing  Affirmations for radiant health and everlasting youth
 • Bibliography  

     Fragment din volum:
    „Self-love is a concept that put me to a lot of trouble and the majority of people I have met as far as I could see. People mistake self-love with egotism, selfishness. I have personally succeeded to discriminate between those two, and I discovered that you cannot love yourself unless you are on your side, make time for yourself, offer yourself the instruments necessary for personal evolution and growth. The lack of self-love indicates that: 
    - You cannot love God if you don't have the means to love God;
    - You cannot say that you love someone as long as you antagonize yourself;
    - You cannot build healthy bonds with people around you as long as you don't exist as an inner being centred on your evolution and growth.
    In other words, when you don't love yourself, you don't exist in the equation of your life and in the universe as a maker. 
    In this situation, everybody can pass comments on what you are supposed to do, how to do it, when to do it, with whom you should do it, and you become irresponsible and careless in your commitments. You start living as a little robot pushed from side to side by others, benevolent people otherwise, but who can block you in y our evolution.
    The life choices we make, in our growing process and manifestation, belong only to us and for us, so that we become present with our whole being here and now.
    This lack of love keeps you in the rescuer stance that can degenerate into the victim stance most of the time. Think about how many times you did something good for someone, overlooking your own needs and priorities, and how the same person turned everything against you."


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