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Touched by Greatness. The Story of Tom Graveney, England’s Much Loved Cricketer - Andrew Murtagh

Touched by Greatness. The Story of Tom Graveney, England’s Much Loved Cricketer - Andrew Murtagh
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ISBN: 9781909626232
Anul publicării: 2014
Pagini: 272
Format: 16x24
Categoria: Carte straina
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Tom Graveney, by virtue of his peerless batsmanship, gracious manner, and longevity in the game, is now a national treasure — the favorite cricketer of so many fellow players, enthusiasts, and aficionados. He opened the batting for England with Len Hutton early in his career, and ended it batting with Geoffrey Boycott, thus straddling two generations. After retirement, he shone as a BBC commentator and latterly served as president of his beloved Worcestershire and of the MCC. Oft misunderstood, the character behind the legendary raconteur's affable facade is now effortlessly unlocked in this first-hand account of his life by close friend and fellow former professional cricketer, Andrew Murtagh. The details of many incidents, anecdotes, and controversies have never before been shared — sackings and banishments, redemption, and a glorious international "second coming" — revealing Graveney as a fount of cricketing insight and as a true entertainer, at the fireside as at the crease.


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