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Worrals Carries On - W. E. Johns

Worrals Carries On - W. E. Johns
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ISBN: 9781908041104
Anul publicării: 2013
Pagini: 216
Format: 13x19
Categoria: Carte straina
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In this sequel to 'Worrals of the 'WAAF', Flying Officer Joan Worralson is finding service life dull - until a chance discovery puts her on the trail of a double-agent. The hunt takes her and her long-suffering side-kick Frecks to the seedy side of London - made all the more terrifying by the rain of bombs from the latest Blitz. Further twists and turns follow, until the girls find themselves marooned in Occupied France - and about to fall into the hands of the notorious Gestapo... This is the second of the 'Worrals' novels by W E Johns, creator of 'Biggles', and it packs in plenty of adventure. But 'Worrals' is also battling the chauvinism of the RAF 'Top Brass', who think girls have no place at the controls of an aeroplane. Johns, who championed the role of women in aviation in 'Popular Flying' magazine, took the chance of an invitation by the Air Ministry to write about the Women's Auxiliary Air Force to create a true feminist icon. Worrals has the mix of courage, ability and acerbic wit needed to outface the Brass Hats - and win friends amongst readers young and old alike. 


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