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My Life Story - Narcisa Lecusanu

My Life Story - Narcisa Lecusanu
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ISBN: 9786069966501
Anul publicării: 2021
Pagini: 332
Categoria: Beletristica


Narcisa Lecusanu provides valuable insight into what it takes to achieve long-term success and influence in the sports world. First as a player, where she excelled on both the domestic and international level, then in leadership roles at the European Handball Federation and within Romania, and now as a member of the IHF Executive Committee. Her contributions to handball are numerous including aiding the development of women’s handball as Chairwoman of the IHF's Women’s Handball and Gender Equality Working Group and promoting handball to children in her home country. I appreciate her unmatched passion for handball. She is a role model and her story will definitely inspire you.
Dr. Hassan Moustafa,

President of International Handball Federation

Narcisa Lecusanu stands for personal development and success through sport, of which the practice of sport is life changing. With dedication and passionate engagement, the ritualistic actions of the athlete evolve, as they move through the levels from novice to expert, and as handball permeates their very essence, it results in a life’s work. For decades, I have witnessed the talent of Narcisa Lecusanu on the handball court, and a commitment to the sport that supported the drive and determination through her service to handball in Romania, the enthusiasm brought to the Women’s Handball Board within the European Handball Federation, and most recently to the Executive Committee of the International Handball Federation. To experience the transformation of Narcisa Lecusanu through her eyes is an opportunity for those wanting to stoke the fires of ambition, because her story is not over; as we read this book to absorb where Narcisa has come from, we can clearly imagine where she will go in the future.”

Michael Wiederer, President of European Handball Federation

Narcisa Lecusanu, the leader of Romanian handball, is outstanding through her native qualities and through a continuous tenacity throughout the long and difficult performance sport journey. [...] Until my departure from the Romanian Handball Federation, I continued my collaboration with Narcisa and supported her, seeing in her the future president of the Romanian Handball Federation.

Ing. Cristian Gatu,

Honorary President of RHF

Narcisa Lecusanu’s personality is, equally, difficult and pleasant to analyze, first of all because she was and remained a star in a world of sports in which success and failure guide the opinions of those specialized and of the public.

Prof. Adrian Dragnea


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