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Knowledge and the Streams of Quantum Consciousness - Niculina Gheorghita

Knowledge and the Streams of Quantum Consciousness - Niculina Gheorghita
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ISBN: 9786061332014
Anul publicării: 2016
Pagini: 126
Categoria: Stiinte
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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: The Secret of Knowledge
Chapter 2: Knowledge, the Greatest Treasure
Chapter 3: Thought Vibrations and the Difference Between Them
Chapter 4: Knowledge, the Force that Uplifts You to a Superior Stream of Consciousness
Chapter 5: Actions Indicate Authentic, Experienced and Manifested Knowledge
Chapter 6: Discovering Sell Love
Chapter 7: Knowledge and Self Love

     Fragment din volum:
    “4. 2. Courage, will and perseverance, the primary ingredients in applying knowledge
    The human being is forever evolving. That's why any desire you may have, you contain the capacity to materialize it through knowledge. You may materialize anything sooner or later, easier or in a more challenging manner, according to how much you focus.
    Knowledge, motivation and will get activated in terms of how much you want that something. When you really want something there is no more doubt, insecurity and justifications such as "Oh, no, it's not possible." "When you really want something, you can!" - What a truthful saying! 
    To materialize your desires, all you need to do is to feel what it is you want. To be able to feel them, we need to activate inside certain primary forces: the courage to act, the will to do and the perseverance that will bring the confidence in its fulfilment. 
    Courage is our inner force that is activated from the self only when you have worked with yourself and through focus, concentration and presence you have brought your energy into the third seal, to the Manipura chakra. That's where the force of courage is unleashed from. Having activated courage, you make a quantum leap from the quantum stream of the survival consciousness to the quantum stream of creation consciousness. 
    Will and perseverance get activated only when you have raised the energy all the way up to the fifth seal, the Vishuda. If you know your role, your mission in this dimension, here on Earth, you stop waiting for someone else to be in control of your reality and do things for you. You realize that no one can place a grain of sand into your reality until you have created that grain yourself."


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