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Medical Devices. Lecture notes - Ani-Simona Sevastre

Medical Devices. Lecture notes - Ani-Simona Sevastre
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ISBN: 9786061159369
Anul publicării: 2017
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Medical Devices. Lecture notes 
Due to the nowadays requirements, the pharmacist must be well documented, alert and competent. The textbook creates awareness that medical devices should be used effectively and safely and in a professional and scientific manner. The entitled "Medical devices - Lecture notes" is a support course that mainly targets the pharmacist student. This material develops the necessary skills to exercise the pharmacist profession at the highest level of competence. 
The course details the aspects that will help the future pharmacist to deal with the medical devices (MD) considering: labeling, indications for use, quality control, patient counseling or materiovigilance. The information acquired by completing this material will help for a correct interrelation with patients and other health professionals. 
A medical device is an apparatus used in the diagnosis, therapy or prevention of disease, which does not attain its primary purpose through chemical action. Medical devices principally aim to increase pacient's quality of life by: increasing quality of care, secure and streamline the process of wound healing, decrease costs of materials and medicines, saving time for the medical staff and not in the last a much faster social and professional recovery patient.


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