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The couple companion, a healing resource - Niculina Gheorghita

Preț: 75,00 lei
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Livrare estimată: Luni, 17 Iun. 2024
ISBN: 9786069591963
Anul publicării: 2024
Pagini: 152
Categoria: Spiritualitate


Each of our lives begins in a miracle. And we are made to be in a relationship. As children, we experience connection with everything and everyone. Generally, in every child, somewhere in early childhood, a crack appears in the connection with caregivers.

That crack leads us to a partner who possesses both the positive and negative character traits of the caregiver with whom the disconnect occurred. That is why in my view and in the view of experts in IMAGO relational therapy, the couple’s partner is like a healing resource with the caregiver with whom the disconnect occurred, and the reconnection with both our inner universe and the external environment. Show empathy, compassion, and love towards your partner when facing yourselves. In this book, you will find valuable tools to be able to do that. May it be towards joy and connection.


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