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Carte de metodica in limba engleza English for 21st Century skills. Material pentru profesor - Sophia Mavridi

Carte de metodica in limba engleza English for 21st Century skills. Material pentru profesor - Sophia Mavridi
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ISBN: 9781471589560
Anul publicării: 2016
Categoria: Carte straina
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The potential to generate innovative ideas, solve problems and implement solutions needs education systems that support people to develop the competencies, skills and values to live and work in a globalised, inclusive and interconnected world. While digital technologies can provide people with unparalleled opportunities to interact, learn and create, taking advantage of this potential requires individuals who will have the emotional and social skills to critically engage with the world around them. As language educators, we can actively contribute to this by applying English for 21st Century Skills.

This book showcases cutting-edge theory and practice in the development and integration of 21st century skills in the language classroom. Well-known ELT experts as well as teacher educators, practitioners and leaders from around the world explore how creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, inclusion, wellbeing, leadership, and other key new literacies can be developed in both formal and informal learning contexts. The book brings seasoned and novice teachers, trainers, researches and policy makers up to date with developments in this increasingly important field in language education.

Special thanks to the editors and contributors: Sophia Mavridi, Daniel Xerri, Michael Carrier, Nicky Hockly, Sugata Mitra, David Crystal, Graciela Alchini, Angelos Bollas, Pamela Borg, Magdalena Brzezinska, Marisa Constantinides, Kierah Donaghy, Agnieszka Dudzik, Agnieszka Dzięcot-Pędich, Cristina Michaela Farrugia, Sonja Gabriel, Susana Galante, Andy Hockley, Alan Marsh, Karen McRae, Sarah Mercer, Olja Milosevic, David Nunan, Carol Samlal, Chris Walklett, Varinder Unlu, Penny Ur.


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